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i think about this day a lot

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let’s focus on dumb and even dumber


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  • me: where's zayn??
  • obama: where's zayn???
  • jesus christ: where's zayn??
  • god: where's zayn???

This Is Us DVD Extras - Exclusive Clip

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Reblog if you want Zayn Malik’s dick 

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Anonymous whispered, "Sexy time xD"

is that a preference request? if so, i don’t write smut, sorry :(

but if it’s not


Niall imagine for Horansforever 

  “Babe i told you i was sorry, i’m not proud of what i did.” he said, standing outside of your bedroom door.you had locked it so he couldn’t get in.you two were arguing because one night Niall had gotten drunk and did some things that both you and him weren’t proud of.”I don’t want to hear it.did you even KNOW her? and for God sake Niall what if she’s pregnant!!” you were furious and angry and trying to think this all through.”Please [y/n] listen to me! yes we used protection but my mind wasn’t in the right place, i promise.i understand if you’re mad at me.” he said sighing “i’m sorry.” he added, trying not to give up but he felt as if you were never going to forgive him ever again.

  Niall hasn’t said anything in the past few minutes and you heard the front door close.you figured he must’ve went out so you came out of your room and had gotten yourself something to eat from the kitchen.you heard keys opening the door and sighed because you knew it was just Niall coming in.When he came in, you didn’t even bother to look up at him.but you felt light taps on your shoulder “WHAT, WHAT DO YOU WA-” you paused to see Niall with his glossy eyes, holding a large bouquet of flowers and a bear that says "i’m beary sorry".listen i know i made a mistake and i understand if you never want to talk to me ever again and i understand if you think i’m an idiot and asshole and that you never want to talk to me again.”you felt he was being sincere.a part of you was still hurt but most of you wanted to forgive him and give him a second chance.you smiled slightly.“‘i’ll give you another chance, but this is the last chance..okay/” you said smiling as your brought him into a hug.”okay, i love you.” he said holding your waist while hugging you.”i love you too, Niall.” you felt his hands slide down lower and whispered to him “nuh uh, we’ll have to wait a while to do that again.” you could feel him pout “i’ll try to live with it.” but you know, you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other, no matter how hard you both tried.


A/N:I’m soo sorry i took so long, i really hope you enjoyed it!!

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